Tips for Grilling Steaks

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MMany people ask me how I can cook steaks on the grill so consistently. Here's a few simple tips for grilling a steak so you can cook great steaks and impress your friends.

Salt and Pepper Before Grilling

Always salt and pepper your steak before you put it on the grill. The salt and pepper will help bring out the flavor of the meat.

Always Grill on High

Make sure your grill is set to the highest setting and the grating is very hot. You can not get a good sear on your meat without it being very hot, especially if you want to get the coveted grill marks.

Handle Grill Flare Ups

Some people wrongly assume that grill flare ups add flavor to the meat. Flare ups actually burn the outside of the meat and add no flavor, just an unpleasant charcoal taste. To handle flare ups you can keep a spray bottle filled with water next to the grill and just use it to put out and that you see.

Finish Thick Steaks in the Oven

If you are grilling a thick steak the inside will not be done when the outside is. To help finish it off you can cook it in an over set to 350 or 400. This is actually what restaurants do. Of course, if the steaks are all that you are grilling you can always turn the back burners off and move the steaks to the rear of the grill. Then just close the lid and use the grill as an oven.

Get a Thermometer

With practice you can determine the doneness of a steak just by pressing on it with your finger. For the rest of us though investing in a good meat thermometer is key. Be sure to never cut open our steak to determine doneness, this will let all the juices escape and dries out the meat.

What tips do you have for perfect grilling?

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